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🤔 Ideas I've enjoyed #Thinking about

Brian Eno on Gospel Music
Yom Kippur may not be the traditional time for Gospel music, but its hopeful and optimistic message has me in a reflective mood.
General-purpose technology
The concept of general-purpose technology (GPT) is a subject of debate among economists, historians, and technologists, but generally speaking, there have been only 25 technologies that meet the criteria of being transformative across various sectors and over long periods of time.
AI Will Convert Searches Into Services
Soon, it should be feasible to, acquire a portion of real-time search data, evaluate the practicality and costs of creating/offering a solution, ascertain whether profit margins are sufficient to proceed, and place bids to advertise a targeted solution that doesn’t yet exist to potential customers.

📺 Film and TV I've enjoyed #Watching

Film & TV Highlights from 2023
A running list of my favorite 2023 Films and TV shows with descriptions and links to trailers.

📚 Books I've enjoyed #Reading

The End of the World Is Just the Beginning
I enjoyed Peter Zeihan’s most recent book and wrote about why I’d recommend reading it.

👨‍💻 Projects I've enjoyed making with #Software

Tailscale + AdGuard on GCP
Encrypting DNS is crucial to protect your privacy and security online. This post documents the process I followed to set up AdGuard Home on Google Cloud, implementing safeguards to restrict access via my Tailscale network and the IP address of my home router.
Easily set up Tailscale on Google Cloud with custom Cloudflare hostnames and SSL certificates
I’ve found it to be quite useful to be able to access private VMs on GCP only when I am on my Tailscale network. Considering the complexity involved in installing Tailscale on a VM and securing the DNS hostname through Cloudflare, I decided to develop a script to streamline this procedure.
Creating a new tool sometimes stems from a desire to address a repetitive task. For me, this led to making CloudTailor to simplify setting up a Google Cloud VM. It uses OpenAI, Terraform, Cloudflare Tunnel and Docker images to automate annoying bits.
Managing Google Cloud projects across several accounts often involves a cumbersome process of executing multiple gcloud commands. This can be both time-consuming and error-prone. I made Switch to simplify and streamline this process.
Auto-Summarizing Bookmarks with Gemini 1.5
Recently, I’ve been using the Gemini 1.5 Pro API. Today, I was pleased to learn it’s now integrated with Open Router. I’m using Gemini to auto-summarize bookmarked content I’ve added to Omnivore.

👨‍🍳 Food I've enjoyed #Cooking

Recipe for Breakfast Meditation
Early in life, I discovered meditation. I was seeking a way to foster a peaceful inner state. When I practice regularly, I experience a calmness and stillness that helps anchor me in the present. Today, I shared a meditation that’s perfect to practice while making breakfast.
Vegan Lasagna
I shared a vegan lasagna recipe I enjoy making with plant based meat.
Classic Buttermilk Waffles
I’m a huge fan of waffle’s, and I can attest that this recipe is delicious. Next time you find yourself craving some 🧇 give this recipe a try.

🎧 Books and Podcasts I've enjoyed #Listening to

Cheerful Audiobooks
Sharing a list of some favorite cheerful audiobooks if you’re interested in some lite entertainment.
Is Vision Pro an IMAX Screen for the Home?
I had no idea IMAX can command up to 30% of a movies U.S. box office all with less than 1% of total screens. Got me thinking: is Vision Pro an IMAX screen for the home?