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AI Will Convert Searches Into Services

Some of the potential applications of Generative AI in search and advertising are wild to consider. If businesses can transform real-time search queries into bespoke products, there lies a significant opportunity to discover new customers and offer a wide array of new services. Companies like Mutiny are already applying Gen AI to deliver highly personalized landing pages. It's easy to imagine taking this quite a few steps further.

Soon, it should be feasible for service providers to, within hundreds of milliseconds, acquire a portion of real-time search data, evaluate the practicality and costs of creating/offering a solution to the query, ascertain whether profit margins to deliver the solution are sufficient to proceed, and, where appropriate, place bids to advertise a targeted solution that doesn't yet exist to potential customers.

Merely articulating your desires to a search engine could initiate a competitive process among agents eager to fulfill them. This system hinges on a substantial foundation of built-up trust, not only in the likelihood of successful outcomes but also in the reliability of delivery. While I am not aware of anyone that has fully realized this yet, it seems that the foundational elements for such a system are gradually appearing, making its realization seem inevitable.