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Why ChatGPT Might Not Facilitate Image Sharing

Although sharing text produced by ChatGPT has been feasible for nearly a year, the same isn't true for images, despite there being no significant technical hurdles.

When Dall•E was a standalone product I recall it being possible to share links to generated images. ChatGPT now integrates Dall•E image generating capabilities.

It never really dawned on me, until today, why it might not be possible to share images generated by ChatGPT. I saw this post alleging that ChatGPT generated an image featuring the jumpman logo.

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It got me thinking that maybe OpenAI is trying to avoid drawing further public scrutiny to potential copyright issues linked to its most prominent creation. It's totally speculative, but maybe OpenAI has chosen to limit the sharing of hosted images along with the metadata that contributed to their creation? Such a move would certainly reduce the chances of the service being used to implicate itself.

Update: I was able to reproduce the logo design using the original prompt. Including using the shoe typo.