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Ancillary Revenue

Regardless of opinions about the world's most over exposed human, it's undeniable that the greatest car salesman leads companies excelling at creating ancillary revenue streams. These companies skillfully use their brand to reignite customer interest and profit from side products.

Products like Boring's not a flame thrower and Tesla's Cyberbeer aren't just financially lucrative, they're also savvy influencer marketing campaigns. This strategy might not suit every business, but it's hard to deny there's potential for OpenAI merchandise like Sam&Greg&Ilya&Mira t-shirts. 😜 Even the US Government is getting in on the act by selling 8,331 styles of personalized license plates. You can even buy third party vinyl license plate wraps.

High interest rates demand businesses innovate not just in how they generate revenue but also in the efficiency of their marketing / ad spend. Creative and unconventional methods of expanding secondary revenue will increasingly become integral to a brand's marketing and product strategies, serving as easy moments to manufacture that remind customers of their presence.