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Chief Energy Officer

I did some quick math and concluded I spend about 10 hours a year charging and replacing batteries, plus another 30 hours if you include time waiting at EV charging stations during roadtrips.

Considering that I manage roughly 64 battery-powered devices, I've decided that I deserve a proper title. Henceforth, in my home, I shall be known as the Chief Energy Officer. In return for this honor, I will diligently fulfill the following duties:

Responsible for charging:

  • Robotic vacuum and mop
  • Coffee scale
  • iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro and Apple watch
  • Electric Vehicle *
  • Road Bike with electric shifting
  • Four bike lights and a bike computer
  • Two Apple TV Remotes
  • Two Nintendo game controllers and one tvOS game controller
  • One USB Travel battery pack
  • Three pairs of AirPods and 2 pairs of over-the-air headphones
  • Six camera batteries
  • Bike pump

Total Time Charging Devices: โ‰ˆ 37.7 hours/year
* ~30 hours are spent on EV charging primarily at roadside charging stations

Responsible for ordering and replacing batteries for:

  • Three smart locks (Lithium AA and CR2)
  • Five TV remotes (AA and AAA)
  • Two Bike power meters and a Bluetooth to Ant Bike Computer translator (CR2032)
  • Rice Cooker (CR2045)
  • Twelve alarm sensors (123 Lithium)
  • Garage door sensor (CR2450)
  • Sony audio recorder (AA)
  • 8 smoke alarms (Lithium AA)

Total Battery Replacement Time: โ‰ˆ 2.87 hours/year

Grand Total (Charging + Replacing): โ‰ˆ 40.57 hours/year

Calculations for my estimates are available in this sheet. Thank you for honoring my commitment to keeping my household devices powered up.