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Shipping Vision Pro Overseas

On 2/2/24 I shipped a buddy a Vision Pro from San Francisco to Amsterdam. The process was more challenging than anticipated.

Initially, I got a quote of $544 for FedEx international shipping at a local shipping store. Next, I discovered at USPS that they do not ship lithium batteries internationally. Ultimately, UPS offered a 2-day delivery for $265. To fully insure the package, I had to fill out form 7525-v, a requirement I hadn't anticipated, so I'm sharing some homework I did to simplify the process of completing that form using UPS. No promises my data is accurate but the pic is proof the package arrived.

1a. US Principal: Your name/address
1b. USPPI'S EIN < Your SSN# or Corp EIN
1c. Parties to transaction: I selected not related
4a. Ultimate Consignee: Name of Address of Package Recipient
5a. Forwarding Agent: USP, 55 Glenlake Parkway NE Atlanta, GA 30328
5b. Forwarding Agent EIN: 58-2480149
9. Method of transport: Air
10. Exporting Carrier: UPS
11. Port of Export: SFO (used my local international airport code)
14. Carrier identification code: 406
15. Shipment Reference Number: 0001
16. Entry number I used: In-bond export
17. Hazardous Material: Yes
18. In-bond code: 63
19. Routed Export: Yes
20. Schedule B numbers: 8528.52.0000 Vision Pro headset (3.63kg); 7014.00.3000 Prescription Lenses (0.23kg).

When asked by the UPS agent for a license type code for shipping I selected: TSU (Technology and software - Unrestricted).

Lastly, it's necessary to affix a sticker on the package that notes it contains UN 3481. On that sticker, include your phone number and specify nearby that the box contains lithium ion batteries, referencing PI 967-II.

I've shipped a lot of stuff in my day but this was slightly more complicated than usual. I hope this information proves helpful to others!