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Accordion Jive Hits Vol II

Like just about any acoustic guitarist I am a huge Paul Simon fan. This includes reading his biographies, watching countless interviews, attending concerts and learning to play his songs. In one biography I read a scandalous story concerning the origins of the music that inspired the Graceland album. Too juicy a tale for me to share but you can read about it on Wikipedia and get an alternate take on this popular post. I would love to hear the elusive tape that allegedly inspired one of my all-time favorite albums. While I might never hear the actual cassette, this imagined version is a satisfying substitute. It's so impressive, I'm content with it being the closest I'll get.

Totally unrelated, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the music Paul Simon wrote in the late 1990's for the play The Capeman (Original Broadway Cast). The show was absolutely panned by critics but I imagine it would be warmly received today. Paul recorded his own version of the show and even had the courage to re-stage "one of the biggest flops in Broadway history" over a decade later to warm reception. 👏