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Discovering My Vibe

I mentioned to my friend Tim Soter, who's a photographer, that I'm getting a new iPhone tomorrow and was starting to think about daily exercises to get to know the camera. I asked for any suggestions to consider putting into practice, and he provided some inspiration. Can't wait to share some shots.

I’d say the first thing that came to mind was take a photo walk with photography being the intention. But not so much pressure that it feels like a chore or something that kills any creativity.

Take a lot of photos and then look at ALL of them and really see what you vibe with. Try and figure out what your instinctive criteria is - the thing you vibe with and like photographing.

For me it took ten years and when I edited ten years of photos one of if not the main criteria was, “the intersection of human made things and nature.” I didn’t consciously look for it, it just was there and I kept doing it. If you can start to find this it’s kind of interesting.