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About that ✪ in Daring Fireball Posts

I recently discovered that posts on Daring Fireball with a ✪ in the title are missing from the site's archives, sparking my curiosity about the symbol's purpose. I turned to Bard for some answers.

While Bard mentioned a post called Star Star, I couldn't find the quote attributed to John Gruber in it. A search also came up empty. And, many of Bard's other points appear to be nothing more than decompressed garbley gook. However, the referenced post's first sentence answered my initial question: the stars serve as markers for each entry in the Daring Fireball Linked List.

So, what's the Linked List?

The Daring Fireball Linked List is a daily list of interesting links and brief commentary, updated frequently but not frenetically. Call it a “link log”, or “linkblog”, or just “a good way to dick around on the Internet for a few minutes a day”.

Got it, that clears things up. This was a good reminder to verify answers from large language models.