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Elaborate Prompts

I often create images using GPT-4 with straightforward prompts. After the images are generated, I save my favorites, and I've noticed that the filename often includes a truncated version of the detailed prompt DALL-E used for the creation.

I've discovered that I can request GPT to reveal the more elaborate prompt it employed for generating the image, allowing me to reuse or modify it for exploring different versions. In fact, I've set up a text replacement shortcut named fpp which expands to: image in the style of X. After, show the complete prompt you used: so that I can do this efficiently anytime I employ GPT to render images for me.

My initial prompt is considered an "abstraction" and the more detailed prompt used by GPT is considered a "specification" or "elaboration."

  • Abstraction: Prompts, like "dog walking on beach in the style of Walter Adolph Georg Gropius," are abstract because they outline a scene broadly, without detailing mood, setting, or extra elements. This leaves much to interpretation and can lead to varied visualizations based on the artist's viewpoint or the AI model's specific directives.
  • Specification or Elaboration: The prompt GPT crafts, on the other hand, is more specific and/or elaborate. It enriches the abstract prompt I provided with details, including describing the artistic style of Walter Adolph Georg Gropius, the principles of the Bauhaus movement, and specific design, mood, and setting elements. This method directs the AIs creative process more precisely, aiming to achieve a specific vision or criteria.

This progression from abstraction to specification assists the AI in navigating from a broad concept to a detailed execution that's more likely to be visually appealing. Now, when it discovers something cool I can attempt to re-use it.