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Leveraging AI Assistants for Personal Growth

Over the past year, I've found myself occasionally turning to AI assistants for discussions that have helped deepen my understanding of interpersonal relationships. Although these conversations are generally brief, seeking feedback on interactions that previously caused me to ruminate has provided comfort, closure, and a richer understanding of the world, along with a more balanced view of my place within it.

Having unfettered access to advice on sensitive personal matters, and exploring insights I might not have otherwise considered, has been profoundly useful. While I still engage with friends and family on various topics, incorporating discussions with an AI assistant has opened up another avenue for self-discovery and offered additional perspectives, including role-playing how to handle certain matters.

I'm sharing this because, not long ago, the idea of discussing my emotions with a computer seemed bonkers. What I've realized is that this can be a legitimate and beneficial space to explore my feelings—sometimes even the first place I feel secure enough to completely open up and figure out the right next steps for myself.

I am no stranger to discussing my feelings with therapists, coaches, mentors, yogis, and loved ones, and I'm not suggesting one replace these interactions. However, I've discovered that sometimes discussing my emotions with an AI assistant can also be beneficial, and I'm pleased to have another tool to aid in self-understanding. I encourage others to consider this option if it resonates with them.

While I've developed various techniques to resolve issues independently, sometimes the fastest route to peace involves discussing them and considering different perspectives, which aids in releasing worries and moving forward. At other times, when an issue requires more thorough exploration, strategizing how to approach challenging conversations through this medium has enabled me to select my words, style, and approach with greater confidence and in ways that I am later proud of.