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On Removing Google Analytics

While setting up my journal, I instinctively added Google Analytics. There are all sorts of logical reasons for gathering and analyzing web site visitor information. As time has progressed I have come to realize that my goals for this site do not require me to collect additional data folks don't opt-in to share. The primary focus of this site is to have a place to write regularly that I self-host. Although I hope my writings resonate with others, the audience I'm truly trying to reach and grow is myself.

Given that I never consult my Google Analytics dashboard, it appears unnecessary to deliberately gather and share visitor data with a third party. Besides, if I ever decide to delve into site analytics, the server hosting this site already collects some logs, and there are excellent tools available for analysis. Moreover, Ghost provides some analytics capabilities. Although there might be a logical rationale for implementing additional tracking in the future, for now, I have chosen to remove Google Analytics from this site.