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Embracing silence

Recently, I've started to appreciate the natural rhythms of conversation, accepting moments of quiet and awkward pauses instead of compulsively trying to fill them. This change has led me to realize that conversations become more enjoyable when we embrace moments of few words, allowing time to unfold naturally.

As with many changes, this new approach initially felt awkward and uncomfortable. Though most pauses in conversation are brief, they can feel endless. During these silent intervals, it becomes difficult not to become acutely aware of the situation. When they occur I try to acknowledge what's happening, appreciate them, allow them to persist, and trust them to resolve naturally on their own.

The insight to accept silence dawned on me while having lunch with a couple who tend to be reserved. Ironically, by embracing the quiet periods, I observed an overall improvement in the conversation's flow.

I hope these adjustments are leading me to be a more attentive listener and a more engaged participant in conversations. Although there's a hint of regret for not coming to this awareness earlier, I'm thankful to discover something new and to have the chance to continue practicing how I choose to communicate.