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Can Tech Billionaires Build a Better City?

In a recent episode of The Powers That Be, Teddy Schleifer and Ben Landy explore a NY Times story about Silicon Valley moguls, including Mike Moritz, Marc Andreessen and Jan Sramek, raising up to $1 billion to create a utopian city in Solano County, 60 miles from San Francisco. Described as an "urban blank slate," the project opens doors for revolutionary design, construction, and governance.

Given California's housing crisis, I welcome fresh approaches. Though it's tempting to question the motives of the ultra-rich, this venture seems like a well-intentioned, long-term legacy project, particularly for Mike Moritz. Cities and states resistant to change are barriers to progress, and this could be a game-changer.

As summed up on the podcast..

I cannot imagine anything worse to do with my time than get engaged with California landowners, land use policy, zoning regulation, the NIMBYs, the environmental review boards. I mean, this truly sounds like the 10th circle of hell.

They've got a steep hill to climb, but I wish them luck and hope to learn more!