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Body Scan Meditations

My meditation practice often consists of a guided body scan. The sensations I notice as I check in with my body are often subtle, and I can easily get lost in thought seeking the right label to describe what I'm sensing. To assist myself in staying present and connected to the experience, I've come up with some words to reach for:

  • Tingling: A subtle buzzing or vibrating feeling.
  • Warmth/Coolness: Sensations of temperature.
  • Tightness/Looseness: Muscular tension or relaxation.
  • Heaviness/Lightness: A sense of weight or buoyancy.
  • Aching: A dull, constant pain or discomfort.
  • Pulsing: A rhythmic beating, often in tune with your heartbeat.
  • Numbness: Lack of sensation in a particular area.
  • Itchiness: A mild irritation or desire to scratch.
  • Pressure: A sensation of push or pull, often where the body contacts the mat.
  • Flowing: A sensation of energy or blood flow moving through the body.
  • Expanding: A feeling of spreading out or growing larger.
  • Contracting: A sensation of shrinking or pulling together.
  • Radiating: A sensation of spreading outward from a central point.

If you're interested in trying a guided Body Scan meditation here are some I enjoy.

15 Minute

30 Minute

40 Minute

45 Minute