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Bicycle Maintenance

Since I regularly ride long distances outside I like to frequently inspect and clean my bike. Generally, I'm just giving it a quick rinse down, degreasing and lubing my chain.

Bike on stand with wheel removed

This chain is almost ready to be replaced but I'm gonna clean it one last time and get another few rides in.

Dirty chain ready to be cleaned

I follow Park Tool's bike cleaning tips. And, I use their chain cleaner tool with Zep heavy-duty citrus degreaser.

Thirty rotations backwards yields a nice batch of road juice. 🤮

After washing the chain with soap and water I dry it and lube it with Silca Synergetic Wet Lube.

Finally, I'll clean my cassette in between the gears using a towel dipped in some Zap degreaser.

Clean enough, ready for my next ride!