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Instant Karma

While driving today, I spotted someone collecting trash on a road I regularly bike on, and instinctively rolled down my window to shout, 'Thank You.' It struck me that this was the second time I'd seen someone picking up trash this week and acknowledged them in realtime. With someone else with me this time, I realized it might have seemed a tad odd to reach out to a stranger! So, it got me thinking: why did I do that?

The answer, I believe, lies in my conviction in instant karma. I highly value the immediate reflection of positive actions, acknowledging good deeds on the spot. Although I may not subscribe to the notion of karma as a spiritual force, I hope my immediate positive reaction helps foster and reinforce good behavior. I'll confess, it also feels satisfying!

This led me to recognize another similar pattern in myself: it's not uncommon for me to learn about a stranger doing something that moved me, and then to find a way to send them a brief, heartfelt note. Getting a response isn't the goal; it's about keeping the positive energy in motion, returning the good vibes to where they originated. I guess it's my way of expressing gratitude and encouraging more kindness in the world.

☮️ and ❤️